As I have loved you…

John 13:34b
As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

The message we get everyday is that if you’re unhappy, then you’re with the wrong person.  You chose poorly.  You need to re-choose… you need to start over!  If you just keep looking then you’ll find that soul mate… But if you talk to people who’ve been married for 20 years plus, who are still in love, and ask them about that approach, they will tell you:“Along the way these 20 years that I wondered if I had the right person, but I decided that the person I had was going to be the right person.  I am so glad that we worked through those difficulties”.  Choosing the right person is one part of it, but being the right person is the other part of it.
Andy Stanley

Jesus is our perfect example of love.  He gave up His life for us because of His everlasting love. Stop for a moment to consider how conditional our love sometimes is toward our spouses.  Jesus gave us an example of unconditional, self-sacrificial, enduring love.

ordinary marriage

Recommended resource: Staying in Love by Andy Stanley



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